King of Pops Field Day

King of Pops Field Day

As a mother, I often think about the memories My Little Foodies will have about their childhood. Many of mine revolve around celebrations and food, and I have no doubt the same will hold true for my kids.

King of Pops

As many of you know, our weekends are often spent at farmers’ markets and festivals, and the one common thread to almost all of these has been My Little Foodies’ all-time favorite dessert vendor: King of Pops. Their iconic rainbow umbrellas, carts, chalkboard menus, and delicious pops like Chocolate Sea Salt, Banana Puddin’, and Strawberry Lemonade are a mainstay around the city.  In fact, the umbrellas have become so synonymous with the brand, that my Little Foodies often mistake the umbrellas that line the beaches on vacation for their favorite treat vendor.

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Needless to say, in only 3 ½ years, this dessert has become King. Atlanta has been good to King of Pops, and King of Pops has been good to Atlanta. A true partner in the Atlanta community, King of Pops gives back to so many worthy organizations. Whether it is a local school or a community non-profit, fundraisers including this fan favorite are POPping up (pun intended) all over town. And to top off the end of each amazing season they hold an annual King of Pops Field Day that is free to the community. Yes, free: free music, free games (three-legged and potato sack races, arts and crafts, and bobbing for apples, to name a few), free King of Pops, and a whole lot of fun for the entire family.  And if the King was not already generous enough, proceeds from the event (you do have to pay for some extras) will sponsor the next big idea or project submitted by KoP followers on FB.

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Just like peeling the top off my vanilla Blue Bell ice cream and digging in with a wooden stick-spoon reminds me so much of my childhood, I’m confident that biting into an icy, deliciously fresh pop will remind My Little Foodies one day (but I’m not trying to rush it) of theirs.