AIS’ Worldfest: Atlanta’s best food festival is a school fair?!?

If you are looking for one of the best food festivals in town, look not further than Atlanta International School’s Worldfest. Yes, I’m not joking. While throngs of people pay beaucoup bucks for small plates from different Atlanta restaurants at such festivals like Taste of Atlanta and Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, I look forward to the diverse offerings at this school fair. Family recipes passed down from generation to generation are lovingly shared in small plates as the school celebrates its diversity. From British high tea, to authentic Spanish tapas, to women freshly stuffing Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, to one of the best spreads of Middle Eastern food you will ever find, our family always looks forward to this celebration of community, family, and food.


The Diversity of Worldfest


Look who showed up for High Tea!



Get in line early for fresh Za’atar bread and various Middle Eastern wraps!

Last year’s festival went green with the ability to purchase an unlimited taste bracelet that came with a personal silverware set (cloth napkin, metal chopsticks, and carrying case included). The festival is topped off with authentic games native to various countries and a variety of dance performances (along with the requisite bouncy houses). It is a fantastic way to get a flavor of the diversity synonymous with what makes the school and this city so great!


Turkish Coffee Readings


Who can pass up homemade French pastries and crepes?!?


Learn about the traditions of various cultures!

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AIS Worldfest: Sunday, October 12:30pm-4:00pm

2890 N Fulton Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30305