Earth Fare Comes to Atlanta


Have you ever thought about what would happen if you let your child run freely through the supermarket stocking his or her cart with whatever piqued their interest and taste buds? I have experimented with this on a couple of occasions. The most recent trip was through a big box grocer to shop for a local food pantry. While Big A had a list of needed items, it took a bit of work to select those that were also of high quality for those in need.

Now what if you did the same experiment at a grocery store where you had full confidence that no matter what your Little Foodie threw in their cart, it would be good for them or others? This week’s opening of Earth Fare, one of the largest natural and organic retailers in the country and new to the Atlanta market (opening this week in Peachtree Corners with additional stores to open at Emory Point and Cumming later this year), can make that dream a reality.


Think of a place where everything was natural or organic. Think of a place where the candy bins were stocked full of candies that actually melt both in your mouth AND in your hand. Think of a place free of foods with artificial flavors and nasty food dyes. Think of a place where all the meats are antibiotic-free, humanely raised and hormone-free. From the clearly marked specialty items like gluten-free snacks, to the children’s vitamins all available for sampling (say goodbye to wasted products) along with everything else in the store (it’s policy that a team member sample anything along with the guest requesting it), to the “scoop your own ravioli,” organic salad bar, prepared food deals of the day, and smoothie happy hour (perfect for that after school snack), Earth Fare is a warm and welcoming place with health AND convenience in mind. It is the ultimate place to live out my fantasy of Supermarket Sweep or Big A’s of Guy’s Grocery Games and a welcome addition to a city of people constantly demanding more when it comes to their food.


You can taste test anything in the store before you buy it!


Busy parents, have no fear with easy dinner options…

5270 Peachtree Parkway, Norcross, GA 30092