“In Hungry, Out Happy” at Local Three Brunch

“In hungry, out happy” should be the mission and motto of every good restaurant. Signs like these flank the massive kitchen of Local Three for their Sunday brunch buffet. They definitely deliver on their promise.


I was hesitant to take Little A for brunch as his more then boisterous personality of late has turned many a heads. Since it was my birthday, however, I decided to roll the dice.


My husband and I love coming to Local Three for dinner, but I was eager to try out the buffet served in the massive kitchen that was originally built for the opening of Joel (my last waitressing gig before heading off to grad school). As we entered the dining room, we were shocked by the number of young families in attendance. Buffets, in my opinion, are ideal for young kids because there is no wait for the food. Menus serve as placemats and encourage guests to “sit deep & stay long” and to “eat as much as you’d like, have fun, and pig out!”


The buffet is broken up into starters such as creamy tomato soup served in miniature copper pots and Pickled Blueberry Crostinis with whipped goat cheese, thyme, and balsamic. Little A happily downed a small party platter’s worth. Breakfast includes the basics like Soft Scrambled Eggs and perfectly cooked Nueske’s Bacon. 


Things get more decadent with Custard French Toast with peanut butter, banana, and Frosted Flakes (hell yeah!!!) and Buttermilk Pancakes topped with macerated berries and thyme cream. For our third round, lunch included Pan Seared Shrimp & Grits with squash, zucchini, and spring peas and a ridiculous Mac n’ Cheese with a Mediterranean spin of sun dried tomato, kalamata, spinach, and feta, and the list goes on.


One of the most unique parts of this experience for My Little Foodies was watching all of the friendly chefs in action for a behind the scenes look at how such delicious food is created and served. We definitely exited “happy” and capped off the afternoon with a family nap. Now that is what I call a Sunday Funday.

Adult Buffet-$21.93

Kid’s Buffet (6-12)-$10.93

Lil’ Kid’s Buffet (Under 6)- Free


3290 Northside Parkway NW Atlanta, Georgia 30327

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