Foodie Finds Holiday Guide

Can’t believe another year has passed with My Little Foodies. Always on the prowl for a fun foodie find, here are some of Big A and Little A’s favorites and others that are perfect for any Little Foodies’ wish list!

Bento Box

For those ambitious parents that love to create beautiful lunches in these Japanese inspired bento boxes. Check out Let’s Bento for some creative ideas!

Little Foodies can get creative with their peas and carrots on these delightful dinner plates.

If you your Little Foodies is into molecular gastronomy, check out this cool edible chemistry kit.

Food Truck Onesie BoboandCoco

For those little city dwellers that love a good food truck, check out this precious onesie.

Garden Plate & Utensils Uncommon Goods

Why not sew your fruits and veggies on this cute garden plate, which makes mealtime even more interactive than it already is.

Lunch Bugs Fred

Strike up a little excitement or fright in the lunch room with these ziploc bags printed with a little bug that with either totally delight or disgust your Little Foodie.

Ricki's Cheesemaking Kit

Get your kids involved in making their food and they are more likely to eat it!

Your fortune will read “your baby will look freaking cute” if you snag a pair of these booties on

Wind Up Sushi

My Little Foodies have been racing their toro and maguro all week after opening up this little find on the first night of Chanukkah!

Zoku Lolly Sur La Table

Dump in your favorite Vitamix recipe to create the perfect size frozen treat.