A Father’s Day Flop at Woo Nam Jeong “Stone Bowl House”

My husband proved to be the father of the year, after what turned out to be the worst dinner we have ever had out with our Little Foodies. In fact, as I write this he is finally eating – 3 hours later – what was one of the most delicious Korean dinners I’ve had out of Styrofoam cartons while watching the season premiere of True Blood.

I was so excited for a fun family dinner, which turned into a disaster before we even parked the car. Low blood sugar and fatigue turned Big A into one long, dramatic whine, and Little A took to throwing crayons in every direction, as I found myself longing for a Xanax.

Stone Bowl

The searing “stone bowl” or dolsot of beef bibimbap left quite a mark both in taste as well as scar on my arm.

Somehow we managed to get the delicious pan-fried beef dumplings (Mul Mandu) on the table fast enough to sate Big A, and she transformed immediately into her delightful, dining self.  Nothing, however, was going to appease Little A. I figured the much lauded dolsot or “stone bowl” of bibimbap would silence my little maniac. How could a delicious marriage of meat, rice, veggies, and a runny fried egg not appease anyone? The searing hot bowl was served with banchan, or a multitude of small dishes like kimchee, sesame potatoes, chili cucumbers, chive salad, and sautéed spinach.

Banchan or “Korean tapas”

Unfortunately, none of it piqued Little A’s interest.  He only managed a few bites of steamed rice before tearing apart his styrofoam water cup, which literally seared the memory of this delightful dinner into my arm as I grazed the excruciatingly hot bowl in a fruitless attempt to prevent a full spill.

Bulgogi, a carnivore’s dream,

My husband and Little A spent the rest of the dinner in the car, while Big A delighted in the traditional Bulgogi of marinated rib eye and onions served on another searing fajita-like platter. We wolfed down a couple of “Korean tacos” composed of some of the Gu Jeol Pan or beautiful array of ingredients(crab, beef, jelly fish, egg white, egg yolk, spinach, mushrooms) divided in an octagon-shaped platter accompanied by wheat flour, before taking everything to go.

A kaleidoscope of color in the Gu Jeol Pan or “nine section plate”

While the food was excellent, the ambiance (at least at our table) was a little sub-par. It was a good reminder of the patience and love required to be a great father, and the fact that my husband insisted that he be the one to spend half of the dinner in the car with Little A on Father’s Day shows how much of both my husband has.

Mul Mandu (Beef, Cabbage and Tofu Dumplings-$6.95

Gu Jeol Pan-$19.95

Dolsot “Stone Bowl” Bibimbap-$13.95

Bulgogi (Marinated Rib Eye)-$17.95

5953 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA 30340

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  1. Hi. Just a correction: pan fried dumplings is “guhn man doo”. “Mul” means water so those are the man doo in soups. FYI: woo nam jeong is not very kid friendly. They’re not very friendly overall .


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