10 Ways to Occupy Your Little Foodies (Which Don’t Include an IPhone or IPad)

Call me old-fashioned, retro, or uptight. Perhaps I just know my Little Foodies all too well. I have seen the mesmerizing power of angry fowl flying through the air, and realize the potential addiction of smart devices. While they all have their time and place, we have opted out in lieu of more old-fashioned means to occupy our Foodies’ time while we wait for their food to arrive. Friends often comment on the endless supply in my bag of tricks. Here are a few in our rotation.

Wooly Willy

Bringin’ back old school. Facial hair is in, so let your Little Foodies play barbershop with this retro classic. www.fatbraintoys.com

wikki stix

I first stumbled upon these at Ted’s Montana Grill. A nice alternative to crayons. Keep your Little Foodies occupied sculpting with these reusable wax-coated stix. I buy the party favor pack of 50 and keep the stash in my car. www.amazon.com

Here’s a junior version of a classic. www.barnesandnoble.com

Consider this a fancier version of the classic game of Eye-Spy, that can be adapted for all ages. Little A simply likes to label the pictures, while Big A is always up for a match with her friends. www.fatbraintoys.com

This brings back fond memories from my childhood where we would cover crayon with black crayon to scratch out. Here you have a handy book that will keep your Little Foodies busy. Just watch out for the residual “scratchings” that get all over the table. www.walmart.com

Another classic that is always fun. Ammazza Pizzeria keeps an entire bucket of theis mini-version to occupy kids both young and hold. www.landofnod.com

For those training your Little Foodies for MENSA, check out this mini-version of one of Big A’s favorite puzzle games. www.fatbraintoys.com

hypotrochoid art set_uncommongoods

Who remembers having a spirograph set as a young child? This handy version packaged in a cute tin, will occupy your Little Foodies time when the kitchen is backed up! www.uncommongoods.com

Find It_fatbraintoys.com

“Eye Spy” game that develops deductive reasoning, object identification, early reading/ letter recognition, as well as patience (finding the items and waiting for dinner to arrive). www.fatbraintoys.com

The same coloring sheet gets old if you eat out as much as we do. Mix it up with this cool coloring book. www.amazon.com


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  1. This is awesome!! Hope everything is good with you and your foodies! Xo

  2. Agreed, Jess. Love this post, Laur! Grabbing a few of these would also make a great b-day gift.

  3. Love, love, love this post. Thank you for reminding me that this corral of traditional games can spark young (and 40-something year old) brains into creative thinking mode. Great post!

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