Go Over the Top for Mother’s Day at The Ritz Carlton Atlanta

There is no denying that people across all professions like being rewarded for working hard. Those rewards come in many forms: positive feedback, access to new developmental opportunities, bonuses, promotions, and more. Those with the most arduous job, being a loving mother, should be no exception.  While showing appreciation on any day serves as a nice start, on Mother’s Day, it’s time to go over the top for the women with the most psychologically, emotionally, and physically (depending on the age of their children) demanding jobs.

Small Plates

Delicate small plates are abundant

Of course “over the top” is a relative term. My husband’s gestures often include a decadent meal. And since the birth of my two Little Foodies, we have celebrated by stuffing ourselves silly at the Ritz Carlton Downtown. Probably one of the most lavish affairs in town, I can only liken this event to an elaborate wedding. From the beautifully set tables with chiavari chairs, to the gorgeous ice sculptures and dramatic mood lighting in hues of violet and fuchsia, the second you enter the room you definitely feel like it is your big day. My husband is just happy to come along for the ride. Anything and everything you could possible crave at a formal brunch buffet is there.

Raw Bar

Who doesn’t love a good raw bar?

Strolling around with Big A, as the live band plays jazz, we prioritize (i.e., skip the bread).  Long tables wrap the entire perimeter with typical brunch spreads, including Big A’s favorite, raw and smoked seafood, my favorite, the ever-present omelet station, and Little A’s favorite, fresh Belgian waffles. The show doesn’t stop there. There is a sushi bar, along with what I like to call the “put me over the edge bar” of carved meats. Then there are exquisitely presented small plates scattered throughout, with items such as delicious Bourbon braised short ribs with English pea risotto, or roasted corn and lobster ravioli with Japanese mushroom ragout.  I consider them the perfect gourmet Little Foodie dishes. If your kids are more finicky, head to the children’s-height buffet for the typical standbys: hotdogs, chicken fingers, mac n’ cheese, and fries. There is even a communal table set up with coloring and cartoons, in case you are desperate to keep them occupied while you leisurely sip your mimosa.

Chocolate Fountain

The desserts will put you over the edge…

Another room features desserts that include the cliché (yet Little Foodie favorite) chocolate fountain, and perfectly sized delicious southern treats like pecan pies, banana pudding, and fried pies. I always get my money’s worth by hitting up the French macarons.

The Flower Shop

Big A selecting Mommy’s favorite for an arrangement.

I love that they are so kid-friendly and seem to offer an endless amount of highchairs. The past few years, Big A has played little florist, hitting up the “pop-up flower shop” to create an arrangement for her mommy. This year, coined “The Year of the Polka Dot” will feature a polka-dot studded dessert buffet, which includes a “Junior Sweet Genius Corner” for children to design a cake for mom. Let’s just hope that whoever is orchestrating doesn’t sound like the host from the Food Network show. They might just come crying to mommy, and as mothers, this is supposed to be our day off (yeah right!)

My Little Foodies' Menu Header

Adult Buffet – $80.00

Children (3-12) – $40.00

181 Peachtree Street N.E., Atlanta, GA 30303


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