Nothing Says “Happy Birthday” like Sublime Doughnuts

If you’re a parent of young children like me, you may have a strong sense of deja vu spending your weekends at gymnastics and bouncy house parties with lunches and dinners (typically on the same day) filled with mediocre pizza and Publix birthday cake.  While all of this is perfectly fine for any child (gotta love a classic Publix cake), I have always seen my children’s birthdays as opportunities to experiment with offering something a little different. I also love to serve food that parents will indulge in as well.

Nothing says happy birthday like a box of doughnuts!

I denied Big A’s request that we serve shrimp dumplings and edamame for her birthday this year, opting for something a little more mainstream to appease her more picky guests (Publix chicken tenders, edamame, and fruit). I did, however, jump at the chance to purchase one of our family birthday favorites: a “Happy Birthday” box of Sublime Doughnuts!  Once we whip out one of these boxes in lieu of cake, both children and parents eagerly bite into a fresh smores, butter toffee, orange dream, dulce de leche, or the signature A-Town (similar to Boston) cream. It was actually the thought of serving doughnuts in the shape of an “A” for Big A’s birthday a few years ago that led me to Sublime in the first place, and we have been coming back ever since.

Smore Doughnut

S’more + Dougnut = Happy Little Children

Voted Best Bakery in America last year by Bake Magazine, owner Kamal Grant concocts some of the best gourmet doughnuts I have ever eaten. Not only can they create the Happy Birthday Box, but they can also customize your birthday boy or girl’s name with at least 24 hours notice. And while most of the parents politely decline slices of both pizza and cake, they will certainly “eat one that’s worth it,” so don’t forget to order extra!


The parents cannot resist.

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