An Authentic Mexican Breakfast at La Kermex Restaurante Mexico

Some of my fondest memories as a child involve sharing immense Mexican breakfasts with my family around the table in Acapulco.  Since lunchtime was usually not until late afternoon (immediately followed by a nice long siesta), this was our opportunity to fill up on the freshest Mexican cuisine. I still remember the large breakfast room table with the Lazy Susan that spun like the Wheel of Fortune. Just where would the wheel land? Fresh mango and papaya?  Black beans smeared on toasted bolillo (a Mexican baguette)?  Or the trifecta of Mexican egg breakfasts: huevos rancheros, huevos a la Mexicana, or hearty chilaquiles?


Chips for breakfast!? Why not…

I truly miss those days spent with my grandparents in Mexico, and regret that my husband and Little Foodies never got to experience the highlight of my childhood. I do often crave those nostalgic dishes for breakfast, but am often rejected by my New York-born husband who usually opts instead for a bagel and lox.  This past week, he humored me and pocketed some Tums for our trip to La Kermex on Buford Highway.


Huevos a la Mexicana…just like Noni’s.

I was turned on to this authentic Mexican joint from an article in Atlanta Magazine a few years ago that highlighted the “Best of Buford Highway.”  The few times we have gone for breakfast, this colorful joint was filled mainly with men slurping up bowls of menudo to cure last night’s hangover. Big A was intrigued as she clamored for soup, but then squeamishly passed after I described the broth made with the stomach of a cow.


Huevos Rancheros have just enough kick for Little Foodies with a penchant for more strongly flavored foods.

With our “big eyes” in tow, we ordered the trifecta of egg breakfasts mentioned above. I learned from my past experience to go for the chilaquiles rojos (sautéed tortillas, tomato-based sauce, cheese, eggs, and often chicken) over the spicier chilaquiles verdes (made with a spicy tomatillo). Served with refried beans, rice, and fresh corn tortillas, Big A took delight as I constructed her breakfast into a taco. What’s better than tortillas wrapped in tortilla for breakfast? Little A enjoyed the runny goodness of the fried eggs and spiced-tomato sauce of the huevos rancheros, but happily kept returning to the beans and basket of chips. The huevos a la Mexicana, scrambled eggs with onion, tomato, and a bit of jalepeno (they are happy to keep it out for sensitive Little
Foodies), always go down easy, as it is a mainstay in our own home.


Big A is more likely to eat anything wrapped in a taco!

I’m always shocked by people that never leave their little neighborhoods, but then again, this is from someone who ate at four different restaurants on Buford Highway this past weekend.  What better excuse than to expose My Little Foodies to cultures that make this city and our family so rich.

My Little Foodies' Menu

Huevos Rancheros-$4.75

Huevos a la Mexican-$4.75


Chilaquiles con Huevos (with eggs)-$7.95

5000 Buford Hwy , Chamblee, GA30341

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