Little Foodie Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us, and what better gift to give to your Little Foodies than some of these fun foodie-related items. You might just find yourself playing and cooking with a lot of these gifts yourself!

Nordstrom Ketchup Shirt

Nothing says picky eater more than this T. Many mothers of toddlers can relate to their Little Foodie’s obsession with this condiment (or meal for many)

Snoopy Sno Cone Maker

If this doesn’t bring back memories, don’t know what does. You might consider skipping the “Red #40 Packet” and using some fresh-squeezed juice as the

Zyliss Lettuce Knife

Here’s a knife that you can feel comfortable with your Little Foodie wielding. Okay, well you know your child better than I do. Big A’s excitement for cooking reached a whole other level, when she was gifted with one of these last


Who doesn’t like playing their food, or in this case sipping their milk through a lengthy maze that any Little Foodie would be entertained building at the dinner table?

Kuhn Rikon Cupcake Set

We are a big fan of anything Kuhn Rikon in our kitchen. This ultimate cupcake set is perfect for any little baker for the holidays. Your Little Foodies will delight in filling and icing yummy little treats for the entire family!

Eat & Play Books

A perfect gift to keep any Little Foodie occupied at the dinner table. Placemats, plate sheets, and crayons shaped like utensils create the perfect package for Little Foodies to leave their compliments or critiques for the chef.


Here’s your chance to marry chemistry with cooking with this very cool molecular gastronomy kit. In no time your Little Foodies will become the next Top Chef. Eat your heart out Richard Blais!

Zoku Quick Pop

The Zoku has become a favorite post-dinner activity for Big A. In less than 10 minutes from start to finish you can have a fresh popsicle. Little Foodies love to get creative adding different ingredients to create fun pops.

Fred & Friends Drumstix

While the banging of pots and pans might not be music to your ears, these Wooden Spoon Drumstix will sure to entertain your little Tommy Lees-in-training!

Fred & Friends Matroishka Cups

One of my favorite Old World toys growing up, this Matryoshka Measuring Cups are the perfect thing to entertain your Little Foodies and bake some deliciously stuffed piroshki.

Melissa & Doug Sushi

Playing make believe in the kitchen has never gotten better! This complete sushi chef comes in its own little bento box complete with wasabi and ginger.

Fred & Friends Chopstick Kids

Train your Little Foodies early with a set of kid-friendly Chopsticks perfect for a little boy or girl. Mommy or Daddy might want a pair too if they have a tendency to ask for a fork when eating out.

Fred & Friends Airplane Food

Who doesn’t like a little entertainment after dinner? These paper airplane placemats are perfect for kids that have trouble waiting for everyone to finish before they are excused.

Fred & Friends Food Plates

Playing with your food has never been so fun. I admit that I often grab my Little Foodies plates for myself for some foodie fun!

Sushi Stroller Cards

These textured and educational (names of sushi in English and Japanese on the back) sushi stroller cards are the cutest. Little A loved the feeling of the tacky paper for sticky rice.