Glitter Pizza and More at Ammazza

As a mother of a young girl, I have a love/hate relationship with glitter. In the eyes of a four-year-old, it represents everything that is magical, mystical, and fun. For her mother, it still holds some of the same magic; just a couple of days ago I was debating what glittery polish to choose for my pedicure.  Then again, I dread the art projects that shed all over my floors and little flecks that manage to linger for eternity.

Kids also enjoyed watching the action behind the glass.

When I heard that new pizzeria Ammazza had a glitter pizza on its menu, I was eager to see Big A’s reaction to such a concoction.  This Neoplitan-style pizzeria in Old Fourth Ward is definitely on par with other favorites such as Antico Pizza, sourcing ingredients such as its delicious meats from the local Spotted Trotter, and making its mozzeralla in house.

My Little Foodies stayed fully occupied, as did many adults around the restaurant.

Upon arrival, we placed our order up front and then grabbed a table in back.  This place obviously caters to young families (albeit a DJ starts spinning at 10 pm till late on weekends  for those lucky enough to have a sitter), offering a bucket of large and mini Etch-a-Sketches to occupy the kiddos as the pizzas are pulled and topped behind a huge glass window.  The extremely friendly staff delivered our order in no time.

Pies are plenty for two or three!

We shared an Insalata Basil of field greens, artichoke, bell peppers, goat cheese, and roma tomatoes in a basil dressing.  My Little Foodies have become big lettuce eaters lately, and I regretted not ordering a second salad as they left little for Mom and Dad.  The pizza, however, made up for the loss.  Our Capricciosa Pizza, topped with marinated artichokes, wild mushrooms, olives, shaved ham, basil, and house mozzarella offered plenty for at least 2 to 3 adults. My Little Foodies attacked the bubbly and slightly black crusted-slices of gooey goodness before the piece de resistance arrived.

The Glitter Pizza was a perfectly cooked cheese pizza (plenty for 3 kids) sprinkled with shiny green and turquoise edible glitter that sparkled in the eyes of My Little Foodies.  Ammazza is really on to something.  The family next to us inquired what we got our children, as theirs wouldn’t eat the grown-up pies. One glitter pizza later, they were all sated. It just proves the magical quality of glitter; think what might happen if we started sprinkling it all over broccoli and brussel sprouts.

Filled-to-order cannolis made for a perfect ending!

Insalata Di Basil-$6.00

Polpette (Homemade Meatballs) -$7.00

Capricciosa Pizza-$21.00

Glitter Pizza-$6.00


591-A Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta GA 30312

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