Opa! for the Atlanta Greek Festival

Here’s a virtual thrown plate and napkins tossed for all of the wonderful food and fun you will have at the Atlanta Greek Festival held at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation this weekend. My Little Foodies enjoyed a wonderful evening of traditional Greek fare and music with some good friends.

Traditional Dance

It’s all about the food at this festival with various tents or rooms dedicated to traditional Greek cuisine. My Little Foodies both noshed on a Mezze or assortment of appetizers including spanakopita (phyllo stuffed with spinach and cheese), tiropita (phyllo stuffed with cheese), feta cheese, kalamata olives, salonika peppers, pita bread, and loukaniko (grilled Greek sausage) while listening to live music on the main stage.

The Mezze is a perfect Greek assortment!

After some Greek potatoes, delicious wedges dusted with Greek seasoning and lemon juice, Big and Little A were pretty much sated. An offering of my Moussaka of layered eggplant, potato and ground beef topped with a bechamel sauce didn’t pique the kids’ interest. Big A happily downed another spanakopita that came along side, while Little A fiddled with the delicious Greek style green beans.

Loukoumades are like donut holes on steroids.

The highlight of any Greek festival for me is the dessert. Big A happily escorted me to the Kafenion or “coffee house” tent for a Greek coffee to give me that extra jolt I needed to man two kids (Little A is finally walking this week–festivals will never be the same or as easy) solo. Big A solidified some friendships by sharing our order of Loukoumades, delicious, honey-drenched fritters similar to high-end donut holes. Do not miss these!

A classic.

Since My Little Foodies’ Daddy couldn’t make it, I thought it would be nice to swing by the massive pastry room to take home a few homemade pieces of baklava (not self-serving at all, I swear). Members of the Church spent weeks baking their time-honored recipes for this event. Racks and racks of a variety of sweets lined the wall. It was also cool to see the Bakaliko or general store where you can stock your pantry with different Greek foods and sundry items.

Drive through for a pound or two of this succulent bad boy.

A couple of other food highlights not to be missed were The Baklava Sundae tent, beckoning attendees with a serious sweet tooth, and Lamb on a Spit. A tender and juicy 40 lb.lamb (I scored a sample of the tenderloin) was literally sold out in minutes. It’s a smart move on the part of the organizers, however, to sell this succulent offering along with many other Greek dishes (souvlaki, pastitsio, gyros, moussaka, and more) via drive-thru! So if you are craving these delicious food but not in the mood to deal with whines for face painting and bouncy house jumping, and bathroom breaking…just drive on through for some delicious and authentic Greek eats!

Mezze Platter-$6.00

Moussake Plate-$12.00

Loukoumades-$4.00 (8 pieces)


Roasted Lamb-$18.00/lb.


2500 Clairmont Road, N.E. Atlanta, GA 30329