Field of Greens Festival Wrap-Up

The 7th Annual Field of Greens Festival held at Whippoorwill Hollow Organic Farm in Walnut Grove was the highlight for My Little Foodies this past weekend. This all-day festival set against a backdrop of fields of organic veggies, featured some of the best restaurants in the city serving their farm-to-table fare under an all-you-can-eat chef’s tent (a steal for $20 a person and free for children), where festival-goers gorged themselves on seasonal small plates.

It was kid-friendly event indeed, as the most popular fashion accessory was the Ergo baby carrier with Little Foodies enjoying the small plates as much as their parents. The event was perfect for the pork-lover but there were a number of amazingly, delicious vegetarian plates as well. The Green Egg smoked beets with buttermilk cheese from JCT Kitchen were a festival favorite judging by how many people kept returning to the table.  Bocado decided to feature something other than their beloved burger. The African butternut squash beignet with maple syrup and parmesan was Little A’s favorite. Leon’s Full Service put a spin on hummus using field peas and topping it with a tangy red pepper relish and serving it with crunchy, sweet potato chips. Cibo e Beve 
wins the award in our book for prettiest presentation of their goat cheese panna cotta with fig and bacon syrup. Haven was also a favorite for going for a true comfort food (pork tacos with salsa verde and pickled radishes) on a rainy day. Their “taco bar” was a convivial setting to meet many food lovers. Finally, we were excited to get the first taste of Shaun Doty and Lance Gummere’s soon-to-open Bantam & Biddy with their delicious chicken salad banh mi. They were excited to share their plans for their wholesome chicken and veggies resto scheduled to open in Ansley Mall later this month.

Beyond the chef’s tent, the festival also included a number of demos, as well as food from various farmers markets and vendors around the city. There was even a kind man, Jim,  giving out s’mores cooked on top of a bicycle just because (@pedalvore). Like any festival with a quality kids’ area, bouncies and face painting were all more reasonably priced than some of the big festivals in town. Kids also had ample opportunity to interact with animals whether by visiting the petting zoo, milking a goat and immediately tasting the end product (goat cheese), peeking into a number of the hen houses, or taking a ride on what looked like My Little Pony (a white pony with a pink mane).

Amazingly, Big A had enough energy yet very little appetite left when hitting up the Kids’ Cooking Table manned by Chef Carlin Breinig. This activity summed up what this festival was all about. By creating salad on a stick and homemade energy balls made with bananas, almond butter, and a variety of toppings like flax seed and chocolate chips, the children got excited about natural and wholesome food.