Hittin’ The Streets for Atlanta’s Top Frozen Treats

You can’t beat watching the excitement in your Little Foodies’ eyes as they take the first lick of a popsicle or a sip of a delicious milkshake for the first time. Pure delight. We have scoured the city this summer to take pics and indulge in all of our favorite frozen treats. Hope you and your Little Foodies enjoy (in moderation of course)!

Best Ice Cream – Morelli’s

This creamy, dense ice cream cannot be beat, especially with yummy flavors like salted caramel and chocolate cinnamon ginger! Newest location coming to Dunwoody soon. http://morellisicecream.com                                 Morelli's Gourmet Ice Cream & Desserts on Urbanspoon

Best Ice Cream (Pint Packed) – High Road 

Big A and I discovered this delicious ice cream at now closed Bakeshop a few years ago. So excited that we can buy decadent flavors like Vanilla Fleur de Sel and French Toast at our local Whole Foods among other places. Take the “high road” and grab a pint next time you have guests over. http://highroadcraft.com/wp/                           High Road Craft Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

Best Ice Cream Sandwich – Westside Creamery

A trip to the Peachtree Road Farmers Market is not complete without a chunky-monkey-esque Banana and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich. This behemoth is perfect for sharing…if you can pry it from your Little Foodie’s fingers. http://www.westsidecreamery.com

Best Milkshake – Zesto

My Little Foodies’ diet in-utero was comprised, in part of banana milkshakes made with fresh bananas and real ice cream. No fluorescent yellow syrup here! http://www.zestoatlanta.com                                                 Zesto on Urbanspoon

Best Frozen Yogurt (Soft Serve) – Yoforia

Feel good about this local favorite that features organic frozen yogurt free of artificial colors and flavors. Watermelon sorbet and mango yogurt are refreshing picks to beat the heat! http://yoforia.com                                 Yoforia Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

Best Frozen Yogurt (Pint Packed) – Atlanta Fresh 

My Little Foodies’ favorite Greek style yogurt went frozen this summer in many of their non-fat and delicious flavors. Big A goes ga-ga for Chocolate Rocket (Mexican-style Chocolate) and Ginger Peach. Love this natural yogurt that can be purchased at your local farmers’ market or Whole Foods. Hooray for local!! http://atlantafresh.com/media/index.html

Best Snowball – Orleagian Snowballs

This “Taste of New Orleans for the Pleasure of Georgians” emerged post-Katrina as a booming business pleasing fans on a hot summer day. This cooling treat has been known to bring families and friends together. Favorite flavors include cotton candy, pink lemonade, and tiger’s blood (strawberry/orange/coconut). Big A loves the surprise gummy bear nestled in the middle! http://www.orleagiansnowballs.com                                                                         Orleagian Snowballs on Urbanspoon

Best Shaved Ice – SunO Dessert

This snow-flake-like, milky shaved ice has a cult following and can be dressed up with Asian-inspired toppings like tapioca pearls, red bean, mochi, or lychee fruit. My Little Foodies, however, go for it in its purest form in flavors such as Thai Tea, Mango, and Chocolate. Once you try it, you will be hooked. http://www.sunodessert.comSunO Dessert on Urbanspoon

Best Frozen Custard – Sheridan’s

This mid-western darling is like ice cream on steroids with the addition of egg yolks that gives it an uber-creamy texture. Sheridan’s is known for their delicious concretes, but I like to stick with something simple for My Little Foodies. The vanilla by itself is out of this world! http://www.sheridansfrozencustard.com                                              Sheridan's Frozen Custard on Urbanspoon

Best Smoothie – LottaFrutta

Fresh, tropical fruit smoothies that are made with mango, guanabana (soursop), maracuya (passionfruit), and pineapple among others are a refreshing treat to beat the heat. You will be wishing you were on some tropical island taking a brief break from your Little Foodies! http://www.lottafrutta.com                                                                        Lottafrutta on Urbanspoon

Best Gelato and Sorbet – Honeysuckle Gelato

Southern-inspired gelatos and sorbets like Honey Fig and Watermelon get My Little Foodies riled up. Keep an eye out for this food truck that is making a name for itself in the city. http://www.honeysucklegelato.com    Honeysuckle Gelato (Mobile Truck) on Urbanspoon

Best Popsicle – King of Pops

Pavlov’s dog salivated from a ringing bell, My Little Foodies’ salivate at the site of the omnipresent, rainbow umbrella for King of Pops’ flavors like Chocolate Sea Salt and Raspberry Lime. http://kingofpops.net              King of Pops on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Hittin’ The Streets for Atlanta’s Top Frozen Treats

  1. Personally, I think the frozen yogurt shop in downtown Decatur, The Yogurt Tap, is much better than Yoforia. You can tell it’s freshly made and each flavor stands on its own. If you haven’t been there, you should go! If you have, I’d love to hear why you didn’t pick it.

    • Hi Heidi-
      We have been to The Yogurt Tap once before a long time ago. I really picked the places that My Little Foodies really like… that we frequent on a regular basis. We will definitely have to revisit Yogurt Tap soon! Thanks for the feedback!

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