On Fire at FuegoMundo

There are those few restaurant gems that consistently deliver in quality and customer service, that become your go-tos when you’ve had a long day at work and are not in the mood to cook dinner. After my first child, FuegoMundo quickly became my go-to. Although close proximity to home was certainly a factor, the high quality food that FuegoMundo serves my child keeps us coming back.

Perhaps “regulars” is an understatement, as “Fuego” is listed in the baby book as one of my daughter’s first words. Fuego was the first establishment she was able to recognize when driving past on a random day, and soon became a sometimes serious obsession in our home.  As soon as I picked Big A up from daycare, she would often blurt out “Fuego!”  Denying her Fuego when requested could lead to some major meltdowns. Big A’s loyalty to Fuego resulted in her appearance as the first Little Foodie featured in the restaurant’s blog and marketing materials.  I used to joke that Fuego was my second home.

This South-American, Kosher Wood-Fire Grill  is a marriage of Latin flavors featuring a variety of gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and of course dairy-free (kosher law forbids mixing milk with meat) options. The menu is extensive, but the very word “Fuego” conjures up a few things in particular for Big A.

Kid’s Chicken Breast with Sides

Specifically, their juicy, grilled chicken breast (hormone-free) perfectly marinated with their secret sauce and cooked on the exhibition grill with black beans, quinoa, and baked plaintains. This is the one restaurant at which she consistently cleans her plate.

Tres Tapas Special

The Tres Tapas Special for lunch is a great way to try a number of specialties and can easily be split between children. Some of our favorites include the grilled chicken skewers with onions and peppers, house ceviche (tilapia marinated in citrus juices), and the addictive, baked beef pastelito (beef pie). The side selections are the highlight for me and can even serve as a kid’s meal.

The Health-Nut Side

Both the Health-Nut (organic quinoa, black beans, and baked plaintains) and the Stir-Fry Veggies over a bed of quinoa are perfect vegetarian meals with the flavorable super-grain serving as a fantastic protein. Everything from chicken to steak to fish is grilled right before your eyes.

Stoking the “Fuego”

The grill masters love to show off their machismo by stoking the fires as children gather round in front of the glass in somewhat of a trance.  Beyond the fire or fuego, however, is the flavor that truly puts My Little Foodies into some sort of culinary and hypnotic daze.

Note: Be extra careful not to bring outside food into the restaurant, especially dairy as it could violate Kosher Law.  In observance of the Sabbath, Fuego Mundo is closed Friday evenings and Saturday until sundown.

Grilled Chicken Breast Kids’ Meal (w/side and drink)-$6.75

The Health-Nut Side-$5.95

Tres Tapas Special(Lunch)-$10.95

Kid’s Sides (Black Beans, Sweet Plantains, Veggie Soup)-$1.95


5590 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, GA 30342

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