Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (or Lunch) at 7 Hens

If your Little Foodies’ diet consists exclusively of chicken tenders, and any suggestion of an alternative usually results in an all-out protest, newly opened 7 Hens will soon become a family favorite.

This fast-casual, upscale eatery offers an array of Austrian-originated schnitzel-style chicken dishes perfect for any little poultry aficionado.  This pounded, breaded, and fried chicken variety is a welcome addition to a city with a serious obsession.  Israeli-born owner Michael Gurevitch decided to bring his homeland’s best-selling fast food (falafel is second) to Atlanta by adding his own flavors, seven of them in fact, to a perfectly crisp, hot, and juicy all natural chicken breast.

Schnitzel vs. Mezzaluna

Parents will appreciate the delicious spin on fried chicken, since the seven unique breading flavors and toppings are a great way to push your Little Foodies past the typical fried chicken envelope.  Think of it as subliminal advertising for your little one’s palate. After time, they might be open to more interesting, ethnic offerings.

The Indian Platter

The Chinese on Freshly Baked Wheat Baguette

All made to order, our favorite was the deceptively delicious Indian, which incorporates a mild curry in the breadcrumbs, and is topped with a refreshing cucumber salad and curried yogurt sauce.  We also enjoyed the The Chinese with a sesame-seasoned panko crust, sriracha mayo, and teriyaki.  After “Choosing Your Country” (The American, The Mexican, The Italian, The French, and The Traveler are also options), and “Choosing Your Style” such as sandwiched between a freshly-baked white or wheat baguette, wrapped in a white or wheat tortilla, or served up as a salad or platter, you can pick from a smattering of high quality toppings and spreads (think purple European coleslaw, fancy aiolis, etc). Then comes the entertainment portion of the program, as your juicy, fried-to-order chicken breast meets its match with a gleaming Mezalunna knife on a thick butcher block.  (Mezalunna wins with a knockout punch in round one.) Kidding aside, you and your Little Foodies can’t lose with a perfect piece of poultry. And just think, after eating a few of those Indian schnitzels, your Little Foodies might be up for some serious vindaloo. Baby steps!

The Indian Platter-$7.99

The Chinese Baguette-$7.49

Lil’ Henny Meal (Schnitzel, Yukon Fries, and Drink)-$6.49

Dark Meat, Tofu, and Grilled Options Available

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