Star Provisions: The Bacchanalia for Little Foodies

Couldn’t secure that babysitter this past weekend for a nice romantic getaway from the kids at highly acclaimed Bacchanalia? Don’t even think about bringing your Little Foodies there; even I am not that bold.   However, I often crave the food and environs created by visionary chefs Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison, but don’t always feel like dropping $85 a person to experience it.  Instead, I go for the next best thing: lunch at Star Provisions.

This high-end culinary marketplace situated in the Westside Provisions District among many high-end boutiques like Jonathan Adler (amazing home décor even for the little ones), FLOR (great mix and match flooring perfect for playrooms), and SimplyPut Paper and Gifts (chic paper goods sure to make an impression), is a playground for Foodies both young and old. The market is filled with individual stalls featuring fresh meats, cheeses, seafood, wine and beer, and unique gifts.  Provisions To Go is a division of Star Provisions and where we love to grab lunch with My Little Foodies when exploring West Midtown.

Ceci Pea Salad & Cauliflower Pizza

The bakery cases filled with homemade cookies, tarts, and cupcakes beckon Big A before we even make it to the counter to order lunch. I love Provisions to Go because you are getting high quality food from the same kitchen as Bacchanalia, but at a more reasonable price. The daily frittata filled with such ingredients as potatoes, leeks, and goat cheese is always a great option for little ones. Pizzas featuring interesting ingredients are a good way to pull a bait and switch on kids always requesting typical go-tos. Both of My Little Foodies loved the roasted cauliflower, caramelized onion, tahini, za’tar mozzarella, and parmesan slice. 

Simple Proscuitto & Parmesan

The sandwiches with freshly baked breads and yummy sides, however, are the highlight in my mind. Big A always seems to want whatever I order which is my usual splurge of prosciutto, sweet butter, and parmesan on baguette. It can only be described as simple perfection, and reminds me of something I would have cobbled together for lunch when backpacking through Europe on zero budget after college. Okay, so it might be a bit pricier here. The pastrami reuben is also a winner with meet imported from the great Carnegie Deli in NYC.  Daddy likes to get all nostalgic too and often indulges in the fluffer-nutteresque organic peanut butter and marshmallow crème on soft white bread, decadent enough to be a dessert if you ask me.  Sides are a healthy and interesting alternative to chips or fries. Served as individual sides, but priced by the pound, we always get the ceci pea (fancy for chickpeas) salad made with carrots and dates.  Lentil salad and roasted marinated beets are also extremely healthy and tasty options for your Little Foodies.

The Perfect Box of Cookies

After enjoying your lunch and making new friends at one of the community tables inside or out, you will certainly get a request from your Little Foodies to visit that bakery case that lured them in upon arrival. The black and white cookies might be the best in the city. Meringues, both lemon and chocolate walnut, are ooey gooey perfection in the middle. The lime cornmeal cookie has a loyal following, and the Star Provisions shortbread is perfect for your Little Foodie’s first cookie.  But let’s be honest, although you’ll be happy to use your Little Foodies as an excuse, they’re not the only ones that will want to keep coming back to that bakery for more!


Pizza(slice)- $1.25

Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Crème Sandwich-$4.95

Pastrami Reuben-$10.95

Proscuitto, Sweet Butter & Parmesan Sandwich-$7.95

Vegetable Sides-$9.95/lb.

Cookies- .75-$1.25

1198 Howell Mill Road Atlanta, GA 30318

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