A Lunchtime Winner at Victory Sandwich Bar

When spring rolls around in Atlanta, festival season starts, and our family takes advantage by hitting every one of these local celebrations we can find.  Our hands-down favorite is the Inman Park Festival, which is how we fell in love with this fantastic Atlanta neighborhood.  In our most recent stroll through, we stopped in to fill everyone’s bellies at Victory Sandwich Bar. I had been to this minimalist, hipster bar before (sans kids) for some grown-up libations (think Frozen Jack & Coke “Slushies”, Abita root beer with absinthe “Root Canals”, etc.), but now I am wearing a different (and less blurry) lens.

The Weed Eater

It is all about the sandwiches at Victory: fresh breads and high-end ingredients. There is something to please anyone, and the portion and price ($4 each) is perfect for any child. Adults usually find themselves ordering more than one. The Weed Eater, with buffalo mozzarella, hummus, avocado, & dressed arugula (arugula on the side) was Big A’s pick, and a big hit.  She also indulged in a few bites of our Hambo, comprised of prosciutto, mozzarella, arugula, apple, and reduced balsamic.

The Hambo

Although all sandwiches come with some seasoned kettle chips on the side, My Little Foodies were surprisingly more interested in a daily Summer Soup: cucumber gazpacho, made with Greek yogurt and fresh dill. Little A spent much of his time working on a side of Pesto Orzo made with roasted pepper, pine nuts, & basil. His eating accuracy has recently improved, and only a third of the orzo managed to get sprinkled on the floor like confetti.

Summer (Cucumber) Soup

Overall Victory is a great spot if you want to enjoy some time outside in the delightful Inman Park neighborhood.  As things starting heating up, you may choose a seat inside. Sit strategically next to the worn, leather punching bag. Always good for the kiddos ready to blow off some steam, or train for their next victory.

The Weed Eater-$4.00

The Hambo-$4.00

Summer Soup-$6.00

Pesto Orzo-$3.50


280 Elizabeth Street Atlanta, GA 30307

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