Tasty Tacky Fun at Kitsch’n 155

It’s hard not to notice the unique and nostalgic design of Kitschn’n 155 as you stroll down Clairmont Avenue near Emory. I’ve always felt this was a landmark that I had to explore some day, and that day finally came last week.  Following the recommendation of a few of my friends, Little A and I stopped in for a visit.

Homemade Games Entertain the Kids

Upon entering this completely revamped former Arby’s built in 1969, I felt all of my daily stresses melt away as I embraced the owners’ philosophy of “Tasty Tacky Fun.”  Red and turquoise paint, chrome, and glittered-red vinyl outfit this modern-day diner. Retro signs and homemade memory and tick-tack-toe games fashioned from aluminum trays and old bottle tops only adds to the kitsch, while large glass-domed cake stands stacked high with delicious homemade cookies serve as a warning to save room for later as you order at the counter.

The Kid’s Blue Plate

I was excited to find that they offer “real food” made from scratch every day. Burgers and chicken sandwiches are all natural and hormone-free. No pink slime here. One of my favorite features is their daily blue plate specials featuring a protein and two fresh vegetables, and even cuter is the mini version for My Little Foodies. Daily specials are posted on Facebook and Twitter, and include everything from homemade crabcakes, to chopped steak, to salmon, with a variety of fresh veggies in addition to the regular sides of fresh cut fries, salads, and grilled mushrooms and onions.  Keep in mind that a veggie plate with four sides to share among the entire family is a more cost-effective route than ordering a la carte.

The Delicious Veggie Burger Piled High With Toppings

Little A housed his blue plate of blackened chicken, grilled mushrooms, and fresh-cut sweet potato fries.  While I typically take the “when in Rome” philosophy when it comes to ordering meals for My Little Foodies, the owner was quick to ask me how much seasoning my son would like. If your Little Foodies aren’t used to highly seasoned or spicy food, don’t be afraid to speak up.  Little A was also a fan of my veggie burger chock-full of black beans, served on a toasted brioche roll, and stacked high with fresh toppings (e.g., grilled onions and mushrooms) at no extra cost.

Making The Lemon Squeezer

Fortunately for my sanity, Big A was in school the day we visited.  I therefore avoided the battle over why we weren’t getting a delicious looking ice cream sandwich made with the “COD” (cookie-of-the-day) and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, or one of the decadent-looking milkshakes. We did, however, enjoy a fresh lemon squeezer: homemade lemonade made with an old-school juicer as you watch. Next time, you can be sure we will be coming back to splurge on the ice cream sandwich at this new tacky, tasty, and fun hangout.

Kid’s Blue Plate Special-$4.95

Veggie Burger-$5.50

Veggie Plate (4 Veggies)-$8.00

Fresh Lemon Squeezer-$2.50


1788 Clairmont Rd. Decatur, GA 30033

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