Food Envy

Here are a few of my favorite fun and funky finds to either curb your babies’ food envy while others dine or make others envious of how stylish of a mama you are! All of the vibrant patterns and colors are perfect for the summer.

Chewbeads- Perfect day or night, these mommy chic, baby safe necklaces are made from 100% silicon. Set your worries aside as your little babe gnaws on this while everyone else enjoys their meal. These BPA free necklaces constantly entertain Little A, so we can make it through an entire meal.


Chewbeads’ 100% Silicon Necklaces

Petunia Pickle Bottom Cross Town Clutch- I’m a big fan of the Petunia clutch when I don’t feel like schlepping a huge diaper bag to dinner. This bag is perfect to hold the basics and includes a wipes case and a large fold-out changing pad. Keep a large box of back-up items from diapers to wipes to a change of clothes in your car. This has drastically decreased the knots in my shoulders and I certainly feel less like a sherpa.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Clutch

Petunia Pickle Bottom Cross Town Clutch in Holiday in the Hague

Amuse Me Nursing Cover- For those little foodies whose diet only includes milk fresh from the source, Amuse Me’s nursing covers might just fit the bill for minimizing skin exposure. These vibrant and unique nursing covers have bright ribbons to hold your little foodies’ attention while nursing. Gone are the days of the sweet hands grabbing your face behind a blanket or constantly trying to rip off a cover only to embarrass you in front of your girlfriends’ husbands.

Amuse Me Nursing Covers

Amuse Me Nursing Cover in Ferris Blue

 Built Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote- The neoprene, insulated lunch tote is perfect for parents that bring food along to eat out, picnic, or play at the park. There is ample room to store a chilled bottle of leche or two plus snacks. I often brought food (fresh purees that needed refrigeration and other snacks like cheese or turkey slices) with me for Little A before we started ordering off the menu for him. Meals stay cool for up to four hours. Check out all of their cool gear to protect your tech gadgets from exploring little foodies as well.

Built Lunch Tote

Built Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote in Raindrop

15 thoughts on “Food Envy

  1. Our old favorite go to place to eat before we move was Parasol’s in New Orleans. Great prices, vinyl table cloths and they didnt get mad when our son played with his roast beef sandwich (granted we were not happy). Our new favorite place would probably have to be Spud’s Fish & Chips in Seattle, WA. 1. its amazingly good, 2. outside dining which means the gulls can clean up not me 😉 3. its right next to a BIG park so after we eat we just walk over and go play!

  2. My fave place to eat as a family is word of mouth bistro in Salem Oregon. Since we moved away from there I am still looking for somewhere just as amazing.

  3. Our fave place to eat as a family is a local sushi restaurant. For some reason, our daughter has LOVED it since she was a baby and now at 2.5 yrs old, the chopsticks and little dishes keep her very entertained.

  4. Our favorite place is a local sandwich shop that has gluten free bread and desserts. They are a super nice family owned restaurant and very kid friendly!! We always get comments on how cute our little guy is, even if he is babbling constantly or throwing his toys on the floor 🙂

  5. We love going to a local cafe, Flavors. They have a cute kids play area for the kids while food is being prepared, and their menu options are fresh and satisfying. I would love to try Chewbeads with my 8 month old daughter!

  6. My favorite place is our supper table. It is where we eat together nightly. We enjoy our mainly vegetarian creations & each others company.

  7. At home around our dinner table is always my number one pick for my family, whether I’ve cooked or we have takeout! Don’t have to worry about screaming kids, accidents, or not having extra changes of clothes-no need for diaper bag, boosters, strollers…you get the idea! Reserve eating out for date night! 🙂

  8. Fellinis in Atlanta! The patio and fountain entertain on warm summer nights while we enjoy the delicious pizza and salads.

  9. My favorite place to eat as a family is, by far, around our kitchen table! My family is diverse in tastes and preferences that it is nearly impossible to find one restaurant to make everyone truly happy 🙂

  10. We love our local burgery/sweets joint The Butcher Shop! super casual with a fix your own burger bar and is just loud enough for our noisy boys to blend in

  11. love chewbeads! so far our favorite place to take our almost 1 year old is vareli in nyc. they’ve been super sweet to her (despite the mess), keep us supplied with an endless stream of spoons for her to play with, and have lots of new and exciting flavors for her to try.

  12. we love eating at claim jumpers as a family cuz they have an awesome happy hour menu & they give a plate of turkey slice, cheese stick, apples sauce & mandarin oranges for FREE for the little one 🙂

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