It Really Is Bagelicious!

Many northerners, My Little Foodies’ Daddy included, lament the lack of good deli (and bagels) in Atlanta. I have to agree; good delis are few and far between. For those of you thinking that Einstein’s serves a perfectly decent bagel, you have been duped.  They are nothing more than white bread in bagel’s clothing… or more accurately, white bread (or white chocolate cinnamon, sun-dried tomato, or other crazy (decidedly non-deli)) flavors formed into a circular shape with a hole in the middle.

Mini Bagels

Mini Bagels for Mini Hands

Enter Bagelicious, a deli and bagel joint I learned about when I was planning for Big A’s baby naming. Any restaurant that can sculpt a child’s name out of homemade scallion cream cheese to feed 50 people is a winner in my book. Their masterful creation coupled with delicious bagels and smoked fish salads won over our guests as well. Plus, the photo was really cool for the baby book I plan to make one of these days (it’s been over four years… I’m taking my time). This is great place to cater brunches and other simchas (that’s Hebrew/Yiddish for joyous occasions). Native New Yorker and Yankee fanatic Carol Carola has been catering events for so many years, she can calculate exactly how much lox, schmears, smoked fish, and bagels you might need for your event off the top of her head and with incredible accuracy (of course ensuring at least some left over for you to enjoy the next day).

Conveniently located next to Big A’s swim class, it has become tradition that she gets her weekly “wheat bagel, salami, and eggie” sandwich. Located in Marietta, Bagelicious is very much the neighborhood bakery and deli, and it shows with their support of local high school sports teams. Cash (and check) is king in this joint (credit cards are not accepted), but the restaurant donates the money saved from not paying credit card processing fees to community groups.

Matzoh Ball Soup

Delicious Matzoh Ball Soup with Bagel Chips

While there a number of great breakfast items, including bagel sandwiches, omelets, and the LEO (lox, eggs, and onions deliciously scrambled) served with breakfast potatoes and a bagel, we are big fans of the lunch menu. Since I only make homemade matzoh ball soup once a year, this is typically my go-to order. It is a perfect food for Little Foodies that have yet to cut many teeth. Chicken, noodles, carrots, and the fluffy ball itself is an all-inclusive meal for Little A, as he usually inhales it with gusto. I love the mound of bagel chips served on the side. The kids menu features such favorites as the pizza bagel and the perfect portion of tuna salad or lox with a mini bagel.  Big A has a voracious appetite post-swim and usually goes for a Bagelicious Breakfast Bagel (aka BBB) off the regular menu. This bagel sandwich with eggs, kosher salami, and cheese has been her “usual” since as long as I can remember.

Bagelicious Breakfast Bagel

BBB on Whole Wheat

Mini Tuna

Mini Tuna Kid’s Platter

Don’t forget to take a fresh challah (perfect for Saturday morning French toast), homemade black and white cookies as big as your hand, or a dozen bagels home with you. Whole wheat varieties of the old standbys of poppy, sesame, and ET (everything) are a nice healthy alternative to mitigate the fact that you are carb-loading. You can always go for the mini bagels too, which are perfect frozen for teething babies to gnaw on, and a hit at brunches and birthdays for the kids. Order extra, because they might just become dessert on your ride home.

Mini Salad (Whitefish, Tuna, Egg, etc.)-$3.99

Matzoh Ball Soup-$4.95

Bagelicious Breakfast Bagel-$3.25

Mini Nova-$4.99

1255 Johnson Ferry Road  Marietta, GA 30068 (770) 509-9505

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