The Summer Reading List for Little Foodies

While many of your Little Foodies would probably be content just munching on these board book pages themselves, there is more interesting eats for your baby gourmands to feast their eyes on inside. Here are a few of Little A’s favorites, all perfect for chunky little hands to flip through and equally delightful for big brother or sister!

Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert

Your Little Foodie might turn vegetarian after being transfixed by these gorgeous watercolors of mouth-watering fruits and vegetables. You might even catch yourself leafing through this book long after the kiddos have gone to bed. The vibrant colors of Currants, Kumquats, Kohlarabi, Papaya, Rhubarb, Star Fruit, and others from A to Z will inspire you to either run to your nearest farmers’ market or art supply store.

Let’s Nosh! by Amy Wilson Sanger

One of my Little Foodies’ favorites is from a collection by Amy Wilson Sanger. Not only will your foodies become well-versed on all the Jewish favorites (e.g., kasha knish, carrot tsimmes, noodle kugel, lox and cream cheese, etc.) just like Bubbe used to make, but this schmaltzy tale with also school them in Yiddish. The illustrations are quite unique, as all of these authentic dishes are created using a multi-media of different textiles that are then photographed. By the book’s end you will be craving a hearty bowl of matzoh ball soup or a trip to a real New York deli.

Yum Yum Dim Sum by Amy Wilson Sanger

Another yummy tale depicting delicious dim sum or “little bits of heart.” Dim sum with our Little Foodies has already become a bit of a tradition, and Big A loves this depiction of all of the Chinese staples (e.g., siu mai or dumplings, jing cha siu bao or steamed pork buns, etc) and rituals (e.g., rolling carts, tea pouring, etc.). A full glossary of terms is included on the back cover so you can brush up yourself and not accidentally order the chicken feet your next time out.

My Foodie ABC: A Little Gourmet’s Guide by Puck

foodie [FOO-dee] A person with an avid interest in the latest food fads will take delight in this A to Z guide that exposes them to a smorgasbord of offerings from Alfajores [ahl-fah-HOH-rehs] or delicious South American cookies sandwiching dulce de leche or creamy caramel to Nopales [noh-PAL-lays] that come from prickly pears full of flavor, fiber, vitamins,and minerals to Xuxu [zoo-zoo] or squash by many names! E is for entertaining [en-ter-TAIN-ing] in this book for foodies both young and old and a perfect primer for petite palates.

First Book of Sushi by Amy Wilson Sanger

Your Little Foodies will be able to roll up to any sushi bar and know exactly what is on the omakase menu after this read. From temaki-style hand rolls to “miso in my sippy cup,” pictures are beautifully depicted using such interesting objects as photographed glass beads to depict tobiko or fish roe to gauzy fabric for little cubes of tofu. Your little foodie might just be inspired to use chopsticks before a fork or spoon!

Foodie Babies Wear Bibs by Michelle Sinclair Colman

This tiny tale highlights all of the wonderful things foodie babies enjoy doing including dining al fresco, browsing farmers’ markets, sharing small plates, and reading cookbooks. My Little Foodies enjoy the cute and quirky illustrations while Mommy and Daddy appreciate its modern aesthetic. The book inspires you to take your little ones on a foodie field trip!